After run the reliable-master server, we could use command to deploy reliable-macaca-slave.

Reliable Macaca Slave


First of all, in order to run iOS apps, the reliable-macaca-slave can only be installed on a mac.Then you need to install both the iOS and Android Dev Environment to run the test.

run command to check environment:

$ npm i macaca-cli -g
$ macaca doctor


You need to install Node.js before.

And before install reliable-macaca-slave, you need to install the zeromq library first.

$ brew install pkg-config
$ brew install zeromq

# Then

$ npm install reliable-macaca-slave -g

After environment checking and installation, it is ready to deploy the reliable-macaca-slave.


Before deploy the reliable-macaca-slave, there should be a reliable-master server running already, if there wasn’t, you should deploy the reliable-master first. After the reliable-master server is running, we could use command to deploy reliable-macaca-slave.

For Development:

$ reliable server -m <reliable-master:port> --verbose

After initialization successfully. Server logs will be shown in your terminal.