Because the Macaca toolchain is based on Node.js, the Node.js environment has been configured during the installation and does not need to be configured again.


$ git clone

A project that Macaca can use is created and test cases can be added and run. Macaca recommends mocha testing framework.

Sample Code

The sample code repository contains iOS and Android's App sample tests, sample test of mobile browser and sample test of PC browser.


// Import official webdriver client package
var wd = require('macaca-wd');

// Configure the host and port of the Macaca server that the webdriver client will connec to
var remoteConfig = {
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 3456 // Macaca server defaults to using port 3456

// After this, the driver can directly use method chaining
var driver = wd.promiseChainRemote(remoteConfig);

before(function() {
  return driver.init({
    platformName: 'desktop', // iOS, Android, Desktop
    browserName: 'chrome'    // Chrome, Electron
    app: path/to/app         // Only for mobile

after(function() {
  return driver

it('#1 should', function() {




API Extension

wd.addPromiseChainMethod(name, method);
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