DataHub is a multi-scenario data environment management solution provided by Macaca.

DataHub - Continuous data(testing/mock) provider for development, testing, staging and production.

A Comprehensive Solution

DataHub is born to solving the lifecycle needs of mock/testing data of software development, from development, testing, staging to final production. Software engineers and test engineers use DataHub to manage their mock/testing data.


DataHub is flexible with how and where mock/testing data is stored.

You can use a local instance of Datahub on your local machine to manage your local testing/mock data during development. The mock/testing data is in plain text. It can be versioned and archived with any version control software, together with your project files.

In addition, the local mock/testing data can be pushed and synchronized to a remote Datahub server to meet the needs of data sharing and collaboration.

Data Flow Management

DataHub adopts the principle of unidirectional data flow to make sure you will always get the latest data.

Consistency Between API Document and Mock Data

Datahub can also automatically generate an API document from your mock/testing data, to help keep your API document up to date and consistent with your mock data.

DataHub Dashboard

DataHub adopts multi-scenario design, can group data according to the scene name, and provide scene data addition, deletion, and change, and can operate through DataHub’s panel interface

DataHub provides a dashboard for you to manage your data. You can group data by scene, or by stage such as development, testing, or staging. Datahub provides standard CRUD funtions.

Save Snapshot

DataHub can save the response of each request by taking snapshot. You can use the archieved snapshot to find out what happened.

Command-line Tool

DataHub provides a command line tool for fast installation and development. To install:

$ npm i macaca-datahub -g

For advanced configuration items, read the project README.

Create New Hub

Create a New API



DataHub provides SDKs in multiple languages for easy integration with your test code.